The Ultimate Monthly Round-Up (May)




As usual I'm starting this post thinking how it's hard to blog when you can't be bothered but you also want to keep going because you like it in the end. Typical. But, I thought my blog has taken a different curve when I wrote about things that were more personal and difficult to share. It was exhausting but strangely comforting at the same time. I instantly decided this is the path I'm taking and am going to just stick to similar topics. I did admit there are more stories to share. Then three weeks have passed and I've managed to do nothing, aside from a handful of drafts of course.
Blogging world in general has always been tricky for me to be a part of, especially with my impulsive approach. So whenever I feel a bit stuck I just talk about things I'm up to and share other people's work.


  • I've definitely been absent a lot from social media (day job has been extra difficult). It's not good, I want to talk to people and I'm never up to date (!). I may not blog often but I love reading other people's posts and articles.
  • I've got 5 weeks left till summer break so planning another trip to Orkney in July. Although I really want to visit Stockholm again. I'm completely smitten with the city still.
  • Money has been an issue. It's slowly becoming impossible to live off my current pay (I work full time). So I'm thinking of potentially changing careers or looking for something part-time. Working from home anyone? I seriously need tips.
  • I've been meaning to get into writing properly and start pitching to online mags. That hasn't happened yet.
  • Sunny weather, I'm instantly happier I swear.
  • I had to rebuy Pretty Honest cause my old one was covered in mould. Sorry Sali.
  • I've not had a takeaway yet this weekend.
  • I have also registered to vote.
  • I went to a Botanic Garden.

Things I want to get into but can't

  • Instagram Stories
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Game of Thrones (I tried)

BOOKS & mags (aka. here's what I've started reading but have yet to finish)

Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes

The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery

+ lots of Elles and a copy of Blogosphere Magazine

video games

I spent majority of my bank holiday break to catch up on Persona 5 (I was meant to be writing) and I don't regret it. Far from it, I think this is one of the best piece of entertainment I've ever had a chance to engage in, Current, modern, well balanced and fluid. it takes gaming to another level. Here's a wee teaser.


I bought A Moon Shaped Pool (finally) and I'm officially back on the Radiohead wagon. A definite slow burner. It'a beautiful. Best tracks: Burn the Witch, Decks Dark, Ful Stop, Identikit, The Numbers, Present Tense.


I've watched Anne with an 'E'. It's based on my childhood's bible ( Anne of Green Gables), something I still regularly go back to. I have mixed feelings about this one unfortunately. On the surface it seems perfect. It looks just-like-in-the-book gorgeous. The tone quickly shifts from the homey, warm-hearted to a darker one. I also feel like there have been too many alterations and tweaks to the story. What do you think?

consistently good blogs

The Private Life of a Girl

Tea Party Beauty

Fern Elizabeth

Sweet Home

Aye Lined

This Stuff is Golden

From Roses

British Beauty Blogger

London Beauty Queen

The Love Cats

Who I (still) enjoy watching on youtube

Another Girl's Life

Caroline Hirons

Beauty & the Blog

Megan Ellaby

Pale Skin Makeup

links worth checking

You know you're an old school blogger when ... by Elevatormusik

Driving by Gone to Deadlock

It’s really hard to talk about money; that’s why we talk about sandwiches by Lynn Enright

Ched Evans wants to advise you on how to prevent rape by Zoe Beaty

It's never too late to be who you might have been by Another Girl



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