Summer Body Confident? I Wish


It's over 20 degrees outside and you all know what that means. Summerwear weather. 
I usually cannot cope with the sun- I come from a country when summers have a tendency to definitely get intense temperature wise. So while living in the UK I grew very fond of the warm Spring/Summer months, occasionally even missing the scorching heat.

Summer isn't the easiest season for me. Usually half way into February I make plans on how to get thin. I will admit that. It's tiring going through the same thing again each year and not being able to abandon that damaging attitude. And here was me thinking I have been making a progress.
I am definitely aware that 'summer body' is a total bullshit and you shouldn't be pursuing it just because you're meant to be wearing less clothing. 

I mean I would like to think I have been making progress. I swapped long bottom PJs for shorts and thinner materials in general. And I didn't even wear my usual black opaque tights to the recent work night out. There's nothing wrong with wearing those I know, but when I rely on them as a cover up and don't feel good anyway I don't think that's right.

Other times I feel like nothing has changed really. I have been browsing online websites for weeks in search for a summer dress. I haven't been able to find one I would wear. Usually I'd say it's because I'm picky and particular about things. But not this time. I've found plenty I like in fact. Just not on myself. Sigh.

*This post was in my drafts for a while and I thought I'd better publish before the summer ends and it stops being relevant anymore.