5 Things To Do This Month


I didn't go very far with my blogging plans for December, did I? When life gets in the way it is hard to keep up with everything else. Work has been crazy busy and my mood has been continuously down a lot. Plus I feel like I've been battling flu since the begging of Autumn. Not ideal. Even my advent calendar didn't survived (I opened all the boxes). And I'm really behind with everybody else's content, so that's something to catch up on. However, I've managed to come up with another list on how to make this month great again.

I kind of already did, unintentionally. This month gets hectic and it's easy to find yourself overwhelmed by what everybody else is doing. I've been catching myself thinking I'm not doing enough or how I've got so much to do. So I stopped.

I did that two weeks ago. Who would have thought? I've been twice so far and loved it. I did make a mistake of going to highly intense classes after years of not exercising. But, I'm still glad I did. Where do you buy your gym wear from?

I've been testing a lot of skin care (Thanks M&S calendar!) and putting a lot more effort into body care. I'm enjoying masks more and began to include them in my morning rituals. Makes the whole day a lot better. I've still not booked a facial so that's still something to do.

I have quite a lot these past weeks. You can tell by my sporadic activity on social media. It comes naturally from time to time. I just need breaks, don't you?

That's something I've started practising lately. I've noticed I can be easily influenced by what others are doing. I had to unsubscribe to a lot of channels and avoid certain content in general. I need to become more selective in what I purchase and that applies to other aspects of life as well.

What do you think?