Current Makeup Favourites #1


Last time I spoke about my makeup favourites was last November. I don’t honestly know why I don’t do this more often since beauty products are one of my favourite think to talk about. Perhaps I should consider doing it in a shorter and more snappy way. Nevertheless, here’s what I’ve been using every single day since the beginning of the year.


I finally managed to get my hands on the Armani Luminous Silk foundation. I had thought about getting it for a long long time whilst searching for a holy grail. I mean the reviews and the description itself imply this ought to be the one. The first time I used to I did notice a remarkable difference in the way my skin looked- even, with a bit of an understated sheen to it. The more I wore it though, the less I liked it and here’s the reason why. It can either look great or really really bad on my fussy skin. If I don’t maintain it or look after it the way I should be, it disappears into nothing and frankly doesn’t do anything for my face. I have to make sure my skin it well moisturised before I apply it, its thin consistency doesn’t do any magic otherwise.
A cheaper option but quite similar in what it wants to achieve is Light Illusion foundation from Flower Beauty. I became interested in this one as soon as I saw the reviews. Light Illusion is creamier and thicker in texture which I prefer. In terms of the finish though I do prefer luminous skin when my skin behaves.
Concealer wise I’ve been faithful to Glossier’s Stretch Concealer as nothing else works for me except Bobbi Brown both corrector and concealer. It’ll be a tough choice next time I need to repurchase. Although I’m interested in Milk Flex concealer. Has anyone tried that one yet?



For a long time I have been using Maybelline Lash Sensational. It does everything I would want for my lashes- It thickens, lengthens and separates them. AND it doesn’t flake or transfer. This Unlimited Mascara from L'Oréal does all that but even better. I don’t really find the bendable wand very useful but it’s there if you need it.


My trusty combo stays the same and has been the same for a while. I did replace the L'Oréal Brow Plumper with a Glossier’s Boy Brow and boy I honestly think it’s great. It reminds me a bit of Gimme Brow from Benefit but even better. It really makes Nyx Micro Brow pencil stay put throughout the whole day. I don’t ever have to retouch my brows which is genius.


What can I say, my Pillow Talk quad from Charlotte Tilbury is still going strong, although I am running out of my usual ways to use it as the lightest shade is basically gone. Hence, I’ve been mixing it up with some of the shades from Beauty Pie’s Palette. Sooner rather than later I’ll have to have a proper look for some new exciting nude shadows. Let me know what I should check out.


Lips wise, all I have worn recently was Generation G lipstick in Cake. I wrote about it in more detail here. I think it’s brilliant and I want it in Leo too. What else, I was really impressed with Miracle Matte Liquid Lipstick from Flower Beauty. It’s possibly the first time that I actually enjoyed wearing that texture. Usually they turn into a dry mess on me. I’ve got it in Nude Blush but right now I’m looking into getting it in something paler that that. It’s a great shade though.


Have you tried these? What did you think?