Current Makeup Routine

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It seems like it’s been a while since I wrote about my makeup routine. I’ve been through a lot of products and usually I stick to the same colour palettes (neutrals). Lately though I have enjoying injecting a little bit more colour into my usual looks. Here are all the things I’ve been reaching out for daily.


mac taupe.jpg

I bought it as soon as it came out. I was always intrigued by Beauty Pie’s base products but never actually tried them after somewhat disappointing experiences with some of them makeup items. Nevertheless, I’m glad I bought it because it actually is really good. It comes in a big tube and in 5 shades so there isn’t much variety when it comes to that. However, I must say the overall quality is pretty high up. I love how moisturising the formula is. Even though the coverage is sheer it is still possible to build it up to a medium in my opinion, which is how I prefer to wear it. It offers a nice, smooth, soft-focus finish and that’s probably why I’m liking it so much. Oh I got it in Light and it matches my skin tone reasonably well.


This miniature came with a magazine and I’ve been using it up purely because I ran out of my Charlotte Tilbury bronzer. It is an alright product and I do like the stick form rather than a powder for a change. It is a bit too warm toned for me and I use it more as a bronzer to add colour to my face rather than a contour.


This is the closest dupe to the legendary Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz which I still think it’s slightly better despite all the obvious similarities. The reason it’s the only thing I use for my brows is because the tip is small enough to fill in all the areas of my brows precisely and the consistency is hard enough (none of the soft, melty nonsense) plus it’s much cheaper than the Brow Wiz (although I feel like the price has gone up since the last time I bought it …). My shade of choice is Ash Brown and there are eight in total to choose from.


I have kind of gone back to using a liner a bit as I feel like I’m starting to need more definition around my eyes plus I’ve always preferred a more graphic look rather than a complex amount of an eye shadow. And to be honest I still am looking for the best liner and I’ve tried loads. This one from Makeup Revolution is cheap as chips and very much alike Kat Von Dee’s Tattoo Liner (which I thought was nothing special by the way). Still, I think it’s one of the decent ones I have tried as it doesn’t fade or smudge too much and it stays on for a reasonable amount of time.


This is where I am getting a bit more adventurous with my makeup. I fell in love with this quad right away and good thing I bought it because it’s been out of stock for a while now. I wrote about it more detail here. But basically, I am still obsessed and these are the only shades I have been using for weeks now.

I spoke about this one before and I still think it’s pretty amazing. The shades are very flattering. It’s quite pigmented and definitely not one the subtle side so I’d recommend to go lightly with this one.


I bought it in the shade Vanilla Nude and I find the shade really good if you want your lips to appear fuller or to generally define the shape. I was going more for the latter. It’s a nice liner although despite the claims it is a bit dry so I would stick to lining your lips rather than filling them in. It didn’t work well for me.


Finally, the lips. I tend to go nude most of the time as for me it’s just the best shade for work. So lately I have gone back to my all time favourite formula of the Pop Lip Colour and Primer by Clinique. These lipsticks are everything; colour, longevity, comfort. I love Beige Pop for a day look, it’s understated, makes me look polished and goes well with any look. Also, I have been dabbing in some of the Mac shades. I have worn Taupe a few times and it’s probably the most Autumnal shade I own. It is very flattering, it makes my lips pop but not too much, I really like it.

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What have you been using lately?