Gentle Approach to Hair Care with Klorane


When it comes to skin care and make up routines, you might already know I like to take my time. But with hair care? Not necessarily. Even though my hair isn't in the best of conditions, I still persist on buying fuss free products. At the same time I have been paying more attention to the ingredients and opting for gentler alternatives that allow me to keep my hair in good condition with minimum effort.



As I completely excluded foamy face washes from my skin care routines I thought it was about time to apply that same step into my hair rituals as well. Especially since my hair has been drier that usual and I always seem to be battling frizz these days. I have really been enjoying using L'Oréal Paris Elvive Low Shampoo, both Extraordinary Oil and Colour Protect option. Not only is it more nourishing but it's also great for detangling and leaves my hair more managable. 

Hair oil

As you know I'm all about oil in any form. My skin can't live without it and my hair definitely needs it daily. So far Moroccanoil Treatment has been the only one that managed to pass the test. It's pricey but works brilliantly- tames the frizz for longer than a couple of minute as opposed to all the other budget oils I have tried, keeps my hair soft and healthy looking without the unnecessary residue. It works on wet and dry hair, I usually apply it generously right after a towel dry and then I touch up throughout the day where needed.


Because I don't wash my hair daily, I rely on the idea of a dry shampoo often. The only downside I struggle with is the stubborn residue and the powdery finish that lingers even after a vigorous brushing through. Klorane's offering is a bit different. Infused with Oat Milk it works as a gentler alternative. Gentle Natural Dry Shampoo * with Oat Extract works perfectly in between washes- it offers a quick cleanse, adds volume and leaves minimal residue. The tinted version I'm using is great for darker hair, no need to battle the white cast. Winner.

Have you tried these? What other products would you recommend?

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