What I Picked from Glossier #2


Remember my first order from Glossier? I still do. I loved the moon mask and the stretch concealer, I was meaning to rebuy the latter for months but never did. Instead I opted for Bobbi Brown under eye corrector which obviously is amazing and I would go and buy it again and again but I really needed extra under my eyes. My dark circles are in my eyes getting worse. I gave Collection concealer another go and honestly I don’t understand the hype. Yes it’s full coverage and yes it covers well but it’s so dry and it accentuates every imperfection. The quality in my opinion isn’t there. Hence, I had another look into Glossier which by the way had some amazing discounts for black Friday and combined with my £10 off the next purchase I managed to get myself a pretty amazing deal. I went for Phase 2 set which contains all the bits I’ve been eyeing up.


I am so glad I finally picked this up. It took me forever to finish up the L’oreal Brow Plumper which I really liked but this one from Glossier in my opinion is even better, even though both are quite similar in what they do. Boy Brow gives you more oomph and seems to thicken my eye brows more than any other gel. I use it to set the Nyx Micro Brow pencil and I honestly don’t need to touch anything up throughout the day. I’m in love. Oh and I got it in Brown.

I bought it in Light again. I honestly think this is the best concealer out of everything I have tried so far. I love how hydrating and softening it is while giving you enough coverage to conceal the area. It applies and melts beautifully into the skin making it look fresh. The only downside I have noticed is because it’s so wet in texture it can make my mascara flake a bit. I guess it’s time for something waterproof. Oh I have also been applying this with a small buffing brush and I feel like the finish is even better. Plus less messy.


I never picked the original version before and now I am kind of glad since they’ve just been reformulated, repackaged and launched as an even better option. These bullets are described as fuss-free, easy, blotted look without the blot. Usually, I would think what’s the point, you could just buy a regular tinted lip balm, isn’t that what these are? Perhaps. What’s different about Generation G is that they’re matte. I’ve never come across a sheer matte before I don’t think. Anyway, I bought it in Cake even though I really wanted Leo, Jam and Crush too. Maybe next time. Cake is a muted orangey peach and it’s quite flattering. I would imagine it’s the safest out of all the options and I’ve been wearing it to work for the past week. It really is great and makes an amazing everyday lip - it’s comfortable, buildable and the pigment is enough.


Have you picked anything from Glossier recently?