January + February Round-Up


I decided to merge these two months together since 1. The beginning of the year is barely ever the happiest of time for me and 2. I'm basically done with winter and am pretty much ready for spring. However, there are bits and bobs I enjoyed lately. Let me talk you through them.


I finally saw IT (2017) and really appreciated the visual approach as well as the story telling although it's not really my cup of tea as far as the horror genre goes. It's largely different to what I usually prefer. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to the sequel. I also rewatched The Danish Girl the minuted it was added to Netflix and enjoyed it a bit more than the first time. What else? FRIENDS of course. I didn't waste my time when I found out it was on Netflix and basically spent the last month watching it obsessively. It was interesting how my perception of certain things has change over the years (last time I watched it I was in my late teens). Despite the fact some of the story lines, themes or jokes are rather questionable now I still believe the show is relatable and definitely entertaining. PS. I was rooting for Rachel the whole time and really wished she ditched Ross in Season 3 for good.

Currently watching

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey + Winter Olympics. I'm obsessed with both

What I'm listening to

Justin Timberlake's Man of the Woods. This is a weird record. It's very uneven and a bit ridiculous in a lot for ways. But, I'm finding it grow on me the more I listen to it. And frankly it's the only things I've had on on my daily bus trips. Best tracks: Higher higher, Montana, Livin' off the land, Say something.

What's new on the web

Allie from Rush & Teal has a Slow Sunday Club (a weekly newsletter) which is all things fabulous and you should join it too.

Tea Party Beauty has got a new look and it's beautiful. I have just finished catching up on her blog too.

What's new with me

I've been going to Pilates classes regularly and I think I'm finally over my fear of gyms in general. I have also diminished my caffeine intake to a reasonable daily amount.

What's new for Stromvoe

There has been a bit of a gap these last two months in terms of me posting. I've just basically been trying to get through January and February if I'm honest. I do have a few plans for this site and want to include new things but the time and energy to do all that is not always there and that's my main issue I've always been struggling with. The good thing is I changed the layout a bit and started learning how to use manual on my camera. Then I have also been pretty active on Instagram. It seems to be the only media I'm on these days. Go have a look, I'd really appreciate it.

Let me know what's new with you?