Life in February


Life in February was pretty slow. It didn’t feel like a short month, in fact it merged in with January and became this weird entity of working week days and cold weekends. I have never managed to get back to my gym routine like I imagined I would have by now. What I did do that was new was long walks down the beach and into the forests in my area. Which is beautiful by the way. We even ended up having a mini snow day. And as much as I enjoyed that (I even managed to have a successful mini photo session) I definitely am looking forward to warmer and brighter days.
Are you?

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FiRST MAN. I saw this film earlier this month and I think it’s underrated. First time watching I thought the pacing was all over the place but on later reflection I thought it was very good despite that. I came to watch it expecting it to be about space, it turned out to be about something else. I genuinely recommend watching it. Also Ryan Gosling’s performance is particularly good here.

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. It isn’t highly rated by the critics. The public seem to be loving it. I think I might be leaning to the latter. Despite its flaws it made me laugh and cry.

ROMA. This on the other hand has been receiving glowing reviews from across the board. Despite its beautiful cinematography and the stellar leading act I remained quite detached from the plot and what it was trying to portray. I wonder if anyone else feels similar. I almost feel bad for it.


I anticipated Sara Tasker’s book for months as I’m a huge fan of her Podcast, Instagram and anything else she’s involved in. Hashtag Authentic is amazing. Her tips and advice are good because they’re useful and practical. I have already started drafting notes on some of the exercises shared inside. If inspiration is something you’re lacking at the moment, you will be needing Hashtag Authentic.


Embrace the blur by Field & Nest
Hashtag Authentic- The Book! by Aye Lined

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