Life in January


Hey guys. I realise I’m a little bit late with this round-up but I just have to tick it off my list. Earlier this month I felt ridiculously positive about the start of the new year. Then, life happened. Then, I genuinely wondered if there was a real solution to the fluctuations in my mood and energy levels. Now, I’m just wondering why it’s snowing everywhere else but here.


Taking up gym earlier this year was one of the very few good things I have done for myself. Stopping half way into the summer? Not so much. Ever since then I have attended classes sporadically which of course is frustrating and not the best. It made me feel so much better about myself in a lot of way so of course I was excited to pick it up again this month. I’ve not been in yet. What I did change this month though has been my water intake.


I’m currently at a stage where I feel highly inspired and ready to take on the world of blogging. Again. It comes and goes. Hence, the big gaps in between blog posts. The point is I’m still here blogging at my own pace and believe it or not some people like it here it seems. Anyway … I have invested in a new lens and I’m trying out new things on here and instagram. The downside is I have become even fussier and harder to please.


Earlier this month I watched You on Netflix and I thought it was pretty mind-boggling. I would recommend it. What’s even crazier were people trying to defend Joe in numerous discussions on Twitter. Next up, Oscar nominations have been released last week and I am living for it. I’ve already ticked the first film off my to-watch list and cannot stop thinking about it. Cold War is truly something special, it left me speechless.


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studio salt and light

How’s your month been?