Life lately


Morning. Happy Saturday. I've got a cuppa in my hand and I'm ready for this update. I've not done a monthly round-up in a while, since April I think. No particular reason here. Life has been flowing pretty steadily. And work has been crazy busy during the last term (of the school year, I work in a school). However, summer break is here and it is finally time to catch a breath, sit down and just chill. Something I've not done in a while. Because work aside other things have been happening too.

New Home

Next month, I will be moving out of the city and into a nice wee village/town. I've always thought of myself as a city person (it's where I grew up and live) but now I just want peace. Anyone else? So despite me being on holidays this month is going to be pretty interesting in terms of transition.


Stuck in a rut. No motivation. No energy. No time. No one is even reading. And yet I still envision myself achieving greater things. Because believe it or not I love to talk about things that work for me, bits I enjoy, etc. I have a whole list of things that need to be done and I'm dying for real engagement and discussions.


I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact I might never be able to fully grasp this platform and its dynamics. However, I'm still uploading fairy frequently.


I have started building up my boards at last. Yes, I am very late to the party and yes I am fully aware of the benefits of Pinterest. Mainly thanks to Aye Lined. So yeah, make sure you pay us a visit. On Pinterest.

Here's an actual picture of me wearing THE dress and looking happy.

Here's an actual picture of me wearing THE dress and looking happy.

I went to a wedding

And it was beautiful. I wore a midi dress for the first time in my life and I think I might have crossed to the other side after months of saying no to that 'awkward length that makes me look like my own aunt'. I want an everyday midi floral piece. Suggestions?

Film + tV

After I kind of recovered from the Call Me by Your Name addiction I realised there are other films i need to watch. So I gave I, Tonya a watch and thought it was pretty awesome.  I also saw Darkest Hour with a stellar main performance. Now I've got Lady Bird and The Shape of Water on the list. And I'm still waiting for A Quiet Place to become available. 
TV wise, Season 2 of Anne with an 'E' is out on Netflix and I'm so watching it. After a dose of rather mixed feelings I gave it another go. Still I'm on the fence with add-on stories but the oh so very accurate representation of Green Gables, its residents and Avonlea I really can't resist their charm.

Blogs + resources

I don't quiet remember how I came across on Instagram but I'm glad I did because every single image of their feed is goals and just so very beautiful. I highly recommend checking out Marta's profile if you're into effortlessly inspiring floral based flatlays. Next up, Blushing Lately. I have become pretty obsessed with this blog mainly because of the gorgeously neutral and delicate photography. I also love all the genuine and down to earth travel entries. And finally, Humphrey & Grace offers a huge number of useful and inspiring tips and resources for those wanting to up their photo taking game.

On the wishlist


Let me know your thoughts.