March + April Round-Up


Where do I even start with this? March and April merged into a grey, windy mess of a time and left me longing for summer yet again. Nothing new really has happened except for me taking an unannounced/unplanned break from blogging. I mean, it's been even more sporadic than usual and there's a few good reasons for that. Or maybe just one. I've never really felt like a part of the community and recently I have been feeling even more detached. Perhaps it would be worth writing a separate post on that. Perhaps.


When I try and remember what the hell happened in March, only five words come to my mind. Call Me By Your Name. Never have I been this affected by a movie. Not recently at least. Not since Manchester by the Sea. Call me by your Name does a wonderful job at letting visuals and body language do the talking. Not a single scene is wasted in this beautifully shot and acted romance. If you haven't seen it, please click above I bought the book right after I had watched the movie about 10 times. I'd definitely suggest getting a hold of both.


What a trip it was. My second time in Sweden couldn't have been better. Except for the weather. It truly is my favourite city I had a chance to visit. This time around we went to the Royal Palace, Skansen and found an iconic coffee shop. Oh and of course I had to pay And Other Stories a visit. I spent days wandering around the old town and the city hall imagining what it would be like to live a life  in a scandi style apartement dressed effortlessly chic like everyone else in the city.


I really have been enjoying reading content from delicately, & she's brave and field and nest. I also posted quite a lengthy bit about my favourite instagrammers hence the reason I have been trying to put more effort into mine.