The Monthly Round-up (July)



July was busy. Four weeks off work but lots to do. I was away in Orkney Islands for the most of it and somehow managed to develop some sort of a travelling anxiety. Having previously cried on planes before, this time around I cried on the ferry. It's getting worse and I already fear the future trip to California that's many months away. It was also my birthday earlier that month and usually I don't make big fuss about it (I'm bloody 35 already) but it was really nice.


  • I've definitely been more active on social media, caught up with many blogs and websites.

  • I got bored of my blog's layout so decided to changed the whole design entirely.

  • In Orkney I took my time to properly relax and made sure I spent as much time outside as possible.
  • I can also finally say I made some good work friends over the last year. 
  • I'm about to buy a coffee machine so expect lots of pinterest-like coffee shots.
  • I judged over 200 blogs for the Bloggers Blog Awards. You can vote here.


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5 great blogs you should be reading

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Almost Amazing Grace


Final Fantasy XII The Zodiak Age. I've been excited for this all year round and when I found out it's being released over the summer I knew I was sorted for the season. It's perfect. Ten years ago I wasn't entirely impressed but now? I'm very close to renewing my XIV subscription. I'd just need time to play.

movies I've watched

The Girl on the Train [6.5/10]
Contact [7/10]
Autopsy of Jane Doe [7.4/10]
Arrival [9/10]


I've been shamelessly juggling all the best summer bangers- Wild Thoughts, Power, 2U, Feels, Malibu. Is there anything better than that? I have also been reliving my early 2000s indie phase in honour of the new Broken Social Scene LP.

blog posts worth reading

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