My Glossier Picks and First Impressions


Oh Glossier. Its popularity skyrocketed over the last year and honestly, I've never seen a brand to be as desirable in a long time. Possibly not since Charlotte Tilbury. I had been lurking on their website prior to the UK launch trying to figure out what was so special. I think I get it now. The range isn't big but every product is developed with care. I especially like the skincare-first approach, even all of the make up products are infused with nourishing ingredients. It's something I always look for when shopping for beauty.

There's nothing I dislike more than a matte and flat finish. For some reason it appears to be really common among under eye concealers and it's hard to find something that brightens the area without looking like a dry paste. I always use my trusty Bobbi Brown corrector but I also thought it was time to try something else. The Stretch Concealer has been receiving lots of positive feedback and I can definitely see why. First, it's a bit waxy which I always prefer. Then,  infused with cocoa butter, jojoba and avocado oils, it keeps the under eye area soft and supple. I always appreciate make up with skin care properties. Winner.


I knew I wanted one of these from the start as cream blushers have been something I wanted to give a proper go. Dusk is a rich browny nude that looks natural and goes well with any look. It's highly pigmented hence I pat a pea amount on top of my cheeks. It blends in seamlessly and stays put. I'm loving the sheer but silky finish, none of the cream to powder nonsense. Infused with collagen, it keeps the moisture in for longer. I find it to be pretty innovative. I think Haze is up next on my to-buy list.

I have only recently gone back to using primers again. As you might know I'm all about the prep and following all my skincare steps thoroughly both morning and evening. It's important to me to get my base right before I decide to put make up on. I use a lot of brightening primers to achieve that glow we're all after. However, I do like an extra layer of moisture and this one is a good way of incorporating that into my routines. It's a fragrance free and lightweight in texture cream that can be layered prior to the foundation step. I was pleased to see hyaluronic acid as one of the key ingredients, as it's the one component I rely on daily. Mixed with a good handful of other elements, it provides a well-balanced canvas. My skin definitely appears to be softer and plumper. However, I think the richer version of it might be more suitable for my skin, so I'm definitely trying that next time.

This is the first mask I bought in years. Usually I purchase exfoliating treatments but never anything nourishing. I was initially drawn to this one due to its instagrammable packaging and a catchy name. (yeah) Then I looked at the ingredient list and thought it could be something right up my street. Again, packed with hyaluronic acid, enriched with honey, aloe and other plant extracts, it promises to intensely hydrate, soothe and plump your skin. It's a joy to apply plus I'm loving the thick and cushiony texture. And frankly? I'm over the MOON with the results.

Did you buy anything? What did you think?