New Workwear


It's been a while since I spoke about workwear. I have been meaning to write about my picks previously but there was never a moment when I've had enough new additions to my wardrobe. Plus I have a funny relationships with shopping for clothes so it has to be the right moment. Nevertheless, I thought it was about time as my style has been tweaked a bit. I gave up searching for the right A-line skirt on the high street entirely and came to terms with the fact that all of them seem to be designed for the same shape with a small waist-to-hip ratio and I'll never find one to fit me properly. Instead I started wearing trousers again.

As you can see I'm really into check print and a looser fit. I don't really feel positive about my body recently, especially after coming back from the holiday. Hence, getting into my old routines has been extra hard. I have abandoned skinny jeans in general as well and embraced boyfriend/mom fit, which is something I would genuinely wear in the 90s. I love the ruffle detail on these Zara trousers and I'm obsessed with the colour combination on these Topshop ones.


I could never get into the pinafore trend earlier- I found I looked like an overgrown child a bit regardless of how I styled them, and definitely not work appropriate. However, this one from Asos is less structured, it's very floaty and goes with literally everything. I love wearing it with all my shirts. I also love the fit of it, it cuts off at the waist and doesn't constrict my hips which is what I find annoying about most A-line fits.

With the weather getting chillier I've gone back to my trusty & Other Stories chelsea boots. Although I do still love my loafers. These from Asos are a new addition. I don't like them as much as my New Look ones. They're a bit too narrow and didn't seem to last as long.

I love a good shirt. I love anything with a collar in fact. I can be wearing jeans but once I got that top button done I feel ready and put together. Hence I wear them with everything. I got this one from Asos via sale.

It's the jumper season at last and I've been looking for a simple cosy one in black without side splits (why is that a thing?). I've managed to find it in Topshop and haven't stopped wearing it since. I do need more so keeping my eyes open.

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