October Round-Up


I'm aware I will be publishing this before Halloween and there's a good reason for that. I'm just not that bothered. Halloween themed make up tutorials are possible the only ones I'm not interested in watching when it comes to beauty in general. And the only time of the year I'm up for dressing up is the Book Day. Nevertheless, I've got a handful of things to share and talk about it.


Stranger Things 2
Well, not yet. But will be starting tonight as the next season just launched. I loved the previous one to bits for its characters, the plot, the pacing and styling. I'm more than excited to press play in a few hours.

AHS: Cult
This season has been pretty intense. I'm loving it more with each episode. The acting seems to be even better than before (Evan as Kai anyone?). It definitely stepped up in my personal ranking of the show.


As far as style icons go I have to admit I've never had one whose style I would follow relentlessly. However, Winter Anderson (AHS: Cult) (Wearable Goth?) quickly became someone whose clothes I'm wanting. Plus, I have taken colouring my hair grey into consideration again. After a frantic search I've managed to spot this dress from Zara and now I can't get it out of my head. Could it be too adventurous for work?


I might have found the one. It's been a long time since I loved anything from New Look, but this? This one might be it.


The collection launches on the 2nd of November and I will definitely be taking a closer look as dark florals, gothic details and tailored cuts is something I'm really into. I've already managed to find a few item I want. You can preview the whole range here.