Planning in December


It is day 2 and I can't tell you how much I've been enjoying myself so far. *I wish it could be christmas everday in the background*
I just had a quick glance through my November round-up and:

  • Remember those Lapis stud earrings I was lusting over? I bought them with a discount code and for once put black friday to some good use. They're the prettiest piece of jewellery I've ever owned.
  • I gave up searching for the perfect teddy coat and bought a military inspired one in navy from Topshop on sale.
  • Also got the christmas jumper and wore it to work the other day.

As you can tell, the countdown is on. My mornings have been a bit more exciting especially with the coffee machine and M&S beauty advent calendar openings. I have also:

  • Picked up new glasses and am able to see properly again.
  • Put up the tree.
  • Started taking cod liver oil and I think I'm seeing a difference in my skin (anyone?).
  • Bought gym/running shoes. Sigh. As much as I hate the thought of working out, I feel like I have to do something. Think it'll be good for my mental health and body in general.
  • Rewatched The Hours (2002) and cried more than I should have. Such a great movie.
  • Decided I'd wear last year's dress to the Christmas staff night out (AND with opaque tights, thanks Last Year's Girl!) I've got zero interest in party wear this season, which reminds me: This article is great - Does growing up mean the end of raucous nights out?

I have considered challenging myself and taking up Blogmas but ... I honestly don't have the material to deliver a daily content that's exciting and one that I would be happy with. I will however try and blog more than usual. I also:

  • Have been more active on Instagram stories.
  • Am planning on being more productive with Pinterest.
  • Need to catch up on Me & Orla's podcasts and what not. Her content is ridiculously both helpful and inspiring.

What's new with you?