New Serum from Super Facialist


I love skincare. Judging by the last couple of posts it's all I talk about. When I find a product that works I instantly share my thoughts. My skin is quite dry and has a tendency to go through dehydration stages, it's something I've been battling for a long time. Hence, facial oils, rich textures and hyaluronic acid are its best friends. 

I've fallen in love with Super Facialist range back in the day when Caroline Hirons was recommending Vitamin C Skin Renewal Cleansing Oil on her blog. Since I trust her opinion, it quickly became a reliable staple and I repurchase it to this day. Along with it I discovered other favourites: The Rose Creamy cleanser (I spoke about it here) and night cream but also the Probiotic range which sadly is not in stock I don't think? It's affordable and it just works- what's not to love? Nevertheless, I spotted this little tube in Boots and rushed to buy it.



A hyaluronic acid based hydrating serum. Enriched with copper, calcium and firming peptides it is meant to be extra beneficial to a more mature skin.  The consistency is quite thick yet silky so it applies with ease. I use it daily right after a thorough cleanse and follow with an oil or a moisturiser depending on the condition of my skin. I have noticed my skin looks a bit perkier and plumper than usual. Think this might be another winner.

It's currently on offer in Boots - Intense Facial Serum.

Have you tried anything from the range?