The Body Shop Spa ft. Japanese Camellia Cream and Why Body Care Matters


It's not a secret skin care to me is a vital part of my day. While I try not to avoid any steps in my daily routines, I'm getting a bit worried about my approach to body care as a whole. I'm one of those people finding body moisturising and anything else that goes with it a real chore. I either end up forgetting or just cannot seem to be bothered. I hear that can be quite common. Which is wrong for many reasons. Because why would I not be bothered?
However, from time to time I stumble upon products that are a bit more special. Then, I'm excited again, I suddenly remember to use them regularly and in consequence I feel a hundred time better in general. Which brings me to a conclusion that yes, body care is as important to me as skin care, sometimes even more beneficial. If you know me you might notice I like to talk about skin care a lot. I will religiously apply layers of products day and night, each to battle a different issues and to maintain and improve the texture of my skin. I could live without a foundation but definitely not without a facial oil. If I go through all these steps why would I not incorporate all that to my body care regimes? I would love to get into a habit of having a Sunday pamper every day. I think The Body Shop might help me with that, especially with their recent, a bit more fancy selection. 

Spa of the World range is exactly all that. The collection includes a plethora of bath and post-bath treats- oils, scrubs, body creams, even candles. All of the products are carefully designed with a focus on a proper pamper featuring luxurious textures and delicious fragrances for a lesser price. There is a lot to choose from.

I went for this sturdy jar of Japanese Camellia Cream purely because of the description- 'Velvet moisture body cream', I think this sums up the product pretty well. Thick, dreamy- rich textures is what I like to choose. The consistency of this is almost whipped-like offering a smooth and easy application. Infused with camellia oil, it leaves the skin looking supple and hydrated. The beautiful balmy fragrance adds volumes to the experience and lingers on for hours.

Have you tried anything from the range?

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