What I bought from Beauty Pie


When I saw Trona from Ayelined talking about Beauty Pie's skincare, I knew I wanted to give it a go right away. Quality products for a fraction of a price? I signed up and filled in my basket. I'm not entirely sure where I stand with Beauty Pie's offer yet. I'm always suspicious when it comes to any kind of subscriptions, however, what I've tried isn't half bad. It's quite impressive actually. Let me talk you through the products.

I have been aware of the benefits of retinol for a while but I've never truly implemented it into my skincare routines except for occasional products before which I've never repurchased. I wasn't fully convinced I needed them at the time. But I thought it was about time to give it a go especially since my skin classifies as 'more mature' right now and definitely requires a special care. Hence, I decided to go for Super Retinol Ceramide-Boost Anti-Aging Face Serum. The list of ingredients is quite impressive. Aside from the retinol complex, which is meant to reduce the appearance of lines and make the surface of the skin more even, it contains both lactic (resurfacing) and hyaluronic (hydration) acid, which is great because my skin usually responds well to these two. It is also formulated with ceramides to maintain a good healthy barrier. Taking all of that into consideration it sounds like a dream in a tube. And it does really work. I have been using it for a month now and certainly noticed an improvement in my skin's elasticity. I use it overnight, although it is recommended to use it twice and with an SPF on top which I do from time to time. What's not so great about it? It runs out pretty quickly ... . And if you don't follow with an appropriate skincare when using it you skin might feel a bit too tight and occasinally even irritated. Handle with care!


Jeju Overnight Moisture Superinfusion was designed to apply before bed yet I sneakily apply it in the morning too. I love the texture. If you're a frequent reader of this blog, you will know I love rich, thick and balmy textures. This pot of cream not only is highly moisturising but also infused with volcanic basaltic microsand to detoxify and keep the skin balanced. I do like it but I would like it even more if it was more moisturising- it sinks in way too quickly, and less fragranced. My skin is painfully dry this season.


Next, I had a bit of a browse in the make up section. I've decided to give the Superbrow Fine Precision Pencil a go since I ran out of my Nyx one. Basically, it's a dupe. I'd even happily compare it to the unbeatable Brow Wiz from Anastasia Beverly Hills. It's almost as good, even though it doesn't last as well and the colour selection is lacking a bit, especially in cooler shades. I got mine in Perfect Brown and it's pretty good match.


Lip Liner

Lastly, I picked up a Precision Shaping Colour-Lock Lip Liner in Cowboy Nude because I'm still into the nude lip trend. I find a neutral lip very flattering on everyone and I think it's the best for looking polished and understated. Although I wish Cowboy Nude was a bit lighter, I still think the texture is great and not too drying especially since my way of applying it is to fill my lips in entirely. The staying power is definitely up there.
Again, the colour selection could use with a few more shades.

Overall, I'm happy with the picks and I'm already eyeing up a few more I'm thinking of buying next. The Japanfusion range is standing out to me in particular.