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New Workwear

It's been a while since I spoke about workwear. I have been meaning to write about my picks previously but there was never a moment when I've had enough new additions to my wardrobe. Plus I have a funny relationships with shopping for clothes so it has to be the right moment.

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What I Bought Recently

(Call me basic. I don't care. These are great.)

Usually I'm cautious when it comes to trends. I've not been getting on with so many of them. Culottes, kick flares, midi length, mules, sliders, you name it.

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Topshop Wishlist

I'd describe my relationship with Topshop as complicated- a love and hate affair if you will. Questionable service and dodgy sizing more than often will make me pick other shipping options. The unsatisfying quality of the products and the actual struggle to find something nice and wearable at times wouldn't justify the price tag for me either.

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Merry Christmas ft. OOTN

A very Merry Christmas to you all!

And a special thanks to those who have offered kindness and support this year. It genuinely means a lot. I hope you have a fun-filled and restful time over the holidays whether you celebrate it or not.

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Christmas with Debenhams

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...  My favourite season of the year is in full swing (almost) at last and my to-do lists are brimming with plans and ideas.
When moving into this new place the first thing I had decided on was a Christmas tree. A proper one (tall and quite thick). That was back in April. 

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