About Bo

Long ago I used to obsessively read beauty page in Elle magazine wishing there was more (I still do). Then 10 years later I set up this website to talk about skincare and makeup in detail. Over the last years I began writing about life in general which I tend to find therapeutic.

I also have a degree in English Studies and passion for coffee, gym + film. I can be found at a bus stop and in a coffee shop quite a lot.


About Stromvoe

Stromvoe is mainly a beauty and lifestyle blog based in Scotland. We cover beauty with a focus on tried and tested, effective and wearable products, an occasional fashion picks for a daily wear and monthly round-ups where we share the love and recommend anything that stands out for us over the month including bloggers, TV, music, film, podcasts and so on. Stay up-to-date with our content on the social ( twitter, instagram, bloglovin') or send us a message via mail or the form below.


Q. What does Stromvoe mean?
The name's inspired by the town of Stromness in Orkney which I frequently visist.

Q. What camera do you use?
Canon EOS 700D + mainly Canon 50mm lens.

Q. What do you use to edit your photos?
Lightroom + VSCO for IG