A Morning Routine/I want my life back (but I also need this job)


It's been the beginning of a new chapter (back in work/I still haven't gotten that new planner) and my morning routines have been a bit more exciting than usual. Having a full time 9-4 job is gradually turning me into a stereotypical cant-wait-for-the-weekend/I've-got-no-time-for-anything. Honestly, how do you do this? When do you have time for this thing called life? I feel like I'm either missing the point or this really is the real life and I just happen to be late to the party.

If I didn't have coffee I would probably have to find a substitute. I've not researched yet. I probably should. Usually 2-3 cups give me plenty of time to get mentally ready. Although nothing gets me even more ready like makeup does. Applying it first thing in the morning however can be painfully tricky (puffy eyes/puffy face/ice doesn't really work/nor do cold splashes of water) nevertheless it's my only highlight of the many mornings to come.

Quite often if not always I end up having 10 minutes left to pick an outfit hoping it doesn't require ironing. Usually it does. Trust me when I say this though I do try to get it ready to wear the night before.

The good news is after lunch I feel fine and upon finishing my midday cuppa I begin to like my job again.