What's my style?


I should be the last person to talk about fashion. I constantly buy the same clothes (jumpers, tights) in the same colours (black). Shopping for clothes is my personal nightmare, I like the idea of it but in practice it's a disaster. There are several reasons for that, mainly it's a mixture of anxiety, body image, inability to pick and choose and overthinking in general. Shopping for something so simple like working shoes seems easy enough especially when I know exactly what I'd be looking for. It becomes impossible when I enter the store. I often look at all the people with their take away coffees in their hand casually gliding through the aisles looking bliss and cheerful, or those who are able to browse ASOS without having a mental meldown (there's too much to choose from). I genuinely envy them.

Another reason I've been rage quitting (quite literally) a lot could be the fact that I like basic things (simple dainty earings, gold hoops recently, well cut clothes in general that are not slouchy or embellished) the most and paradoxically they're the hardest to shop for, on a high street at least.

Black Quilted Strap Watch, New Look

Studded Ballerina Flats, ZARA