Essence Lipliners


Ever since the day I confessed my love for the Nude Mauve blush from Max Faxtor (which I already ran out of) I knew it was just the beginning of a new fling. I needed more and I needed something mauvey on the lips as well, preferably a lipliner. Right away I planned a brief trip to Superdrug after work where I quickly spotted the Essence counter. Their offering is purse-friendly thus it makes a great place to try, play around with products and decide what you fancy the most.

Trying not to get distracted too much since it was the lipliners I was after I picked up Satin Mauve from the standard range and a Plum Cake from the longlasting one, both with some serious dose of a purple undertone but still on the nude side. The first one is great, although a bit dry it does the job just well, the latter even though is long lasting has a nice creamy texture which makes the application easier and can very well be used all over the lips. Having had played with mauve before I quickly found out that it can be much better that the regular pale beige everybody associates with nude lips. Instead of making you look quite dead it makes your pout look fuller and plumper. Furthermore, I think it was the right time for me to reach out for a liner too since the lipstick cannot always be the best option when you need definition around your lip line area especially when it's starting to go a bit fuzzy.

Essence can be found in Wilkinson stores but it is available in my local Superdrug. Are you going to scope your area?