Daily Face


As much as I would love to be that person who plays with colours and textures on a daily basis I frequently settle down for 1-2 looks. I like to believe I'm not the only one. You may call it recent favourites/Bo's default face. Here we go ...

Base wise I'm still struggling to finish the Colorstay foundation (oh Revlon). I took me years to buy it ('it's the best from a drugstore' they said) only to find out it looks terrible on my skin. Not even the dry skin version is doing any goods, nor are the many layers of a moisturizer before hands. I mix it with my Dior Glow Maximizer for an extra sheen, still it doesn't make the Revlon's dry paint finish any less annoying. Being more paranoid than careful about my next foundation purchase I'd rather not end up with another dud. But is there really something out there that suits my needy skin? The Givenchy balm one seems the most convincing so far. As for the cheeks I'm still utterly in love with Nude Mauve. It can be quite versatile on fair complexions, I use it for contour, blush or an all over glow. It's honestly a quality product for a fraction of the price.

I'm a bit sad to admit I'm not particularly keen on an eyeshadow. I don't find the idea of a coloured lid very pleasing, anything darker than a bare bone shade and I always look heavy/tired. I do like a nude lid however, I still dab in the Creamy Beige occasionally. The only place I love to play with colour are the lips. Currently I've been trying the Cherry Pop ( a beautiful crispy blue toned red) (Thanks Glamour) and I think it's safe to say I'm rather obsessed with it. The formula is silky, the colour is bright, the application is dreamy. I need more (colours).

What are your most worn products?