Italian Summer Fig


I've never been to Italy, I've not witnessed a sunny summer for many years and I'm not quite sure what you do with a fig. Plus it's winter, the season where it's all about spice and food, right? Fig however seems to be everyone's favourite fragrance to spritz and bathe in. Of course I wanted to know what the fuss has been about.

I usually follow the cheap scents smell cheap rule but recently the Body Shop offerings have been so great and beneficial I had to give the Italian Summer Fig a try. The packaging is an eye candy of a box and the bottle looks nice and sleek. The scent itself although very green at first is a lot more complex than it may initially be. It opens up with quite sour and almost grassy fresh notes but fairly quickly develops into a soft warm and balmy fruit tone. It's unusual and so rare on a budget.

The staying power might not be the greatest but I think it's totally worth it. It's perfect for a daily wear and the deliciously warm tones in it make it a nice alternative to the usual christmassy fragrances.

Have you tried it?