Here's to you, 2016


What a better way to show off my new snazzy planner yet again (thanks @nouvelledaily). So technically I'm ready to welcome the New Year with my arms wide open and yet I'm not. It feels like forever since I got off that miserable ferry last week (we nearly capsized) and now everybody's reviewing their 2015, counting achievements and making plans for the year upcoming. It's a good thing, it's what I should be doing. We've had an amazing Christmas here in Orkney with the family, the cats and all the food of course. I'm not back in work and the city until next week so there are still couple of days off to lounge around. (I'm one of those lucky people who get time off over holidays).

stromness I've been thinking about this blog. Originally, I planned on taking it to a new level by changing the platform, in the end though I didn't see the point so I've tweaked the layout a bit and I'm happy with how it is now. Posting wise it'll be as regular as possible, because believe it or not I'm still passionate about it. As for the plans, nothing major apart from finding a nice flat, it seems like an annual wish, perhaps this year though. Plans for January? I need to book tickets for The Danish Girl as soon as we're back. Anyone else? *raises cup*


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