A Moisture Booster


The party season might be coming to an end but my longing for a plump skin at all times remains eternal. Yes, as I have previously mentioned it's the skin looking on point that makes me feel like a star. The problem is as I'm getting older it's tricky to keep it nice and smooth looking. Thus the reason I'm becoming more and more than ever obsessed with skincare.

Hylamide Booster Low-Molecular HA Serum is all kinds of fabulous as it takes moisurizing to a whole new level and has been loved by many. Hayley from LBQ spoke highly about it and I believe Caroline Hirons is a fan of the anti age range as well. I have been testing it for about a month and I don't think I can now imagine my routines without it as the results are noticeably fantastic. While I might not find the watery texture very application friendly there's no doubt it works brilliantly providing an instant smooth, plump and radiant looking base. It stays moist for a long time as well which is a great plus.