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January is coming to an end for which I am glad. It's been a difficult month filled with countless attempts to put the holidays behind and get back on the track. It's been about everything but the new beginnings. A sad month indeed. One things though, my love for blogging has been reignited once again right before Christmas. I've decided to just go with it despite having zero time and even less motivation like I've previously written here. Thankfully I have enough passion for it plus I get inspired daily and I love being a part of the community.

Content I'd love to continue writing about beauty. It's something I'm ridiculously and thoroughly obsessed with ever since I bought my first Elle magazine in my teens and with so many exciting launches for Spring I just can't get enough. What I've also been enjoying recently are lifestyle topics, I tend to go a wee bit more personal in my posts these days which I find therapeutic. But also these are the themes I look for in blogs the most. If I find something I can relate to, I'm one click away from hitting follow.

Growth Gaining readership is very hard. I know we blog for a number of different reasons but isn't it nice knowing someone out there enjoys what you write? Isn't it even better when they decide to return for more? I blog because I purely enjoy the act of working on something that I have passion for. That's why I get so upset and/or lose interest the moment I find myself not putting enough effort in what I do. Say what you want the pressure is real. I constantly struggle to be on top of everything. I know my blog is still a baby, I don't really have a 'niche' and I feel weird shouting about it on social media. I love to interact with other bloggers and engage with their posts but I'm not planning on leaving countless comments just for the sake of getting recognition. I can't be online at all times to engage in chats, Periscopes and other brilliant ways of connecting with other bloggers. My point is, all the usual pointers on how to increase your traffic so many of us blog about, they don't work for me really.

New look Now this is my favourite bit. I'm absolutely obsessed with how I want this site to look like. Still I'm not 100% happy with it, obviously. But I might be on the right path as I've found a brilliant artist to work on my logo. The layout wise I'm still not entirely pleased either. Plus I've been thinking of changing platforms. I already tried self hosting which...didn't end well. Right now I'm considering switching to Squarespace but I'm too paranoid about transferring all the content. They say it's easy. It never is.

Facebook/Pinterest?I'm still on the fence with using those with conjunction with the blog. I'm already on Twitter and Instagram and I can barely keep up. But perhaps this is what my blog might need. I might play around but for now I don't know.

What do you think?

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