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It's Sunday and I've been avoiding blogging like never before. Between having absolutely zero time after being back in work (Ok that's a lie. But it's been two weeks and I'm still struggling) and me just generally having no idea what I really want this place to be and having zero money to buy things I want to talk about, I've felt it's time to stop (or go on a break). Anyone else? Cause I genuinely believe it's only me.
I did however manage to gather a few bits and bobs over the past couple of weeks I clearly feel the urge to talk about. It's going to be a mixed bag.


I honestly don't know how/why but it took me 5 seasons to finally admit this is actually pretty great. I remember sitting down rather reluctantly to watch the first episode, the rest as they say is history. I don't think I've ever felt this strongly about a TV show, not since Twin Peaks at least. It's available on Netflix and I don't know how I'm going to cope while waiting for season 6.


We all knew this would have been great and it *drumroll* is. I honestly don't know what I was expecting. A Pretty Honest Part 2 I think. But then I wasn't even aware of the new book coming. Pretty Iconic is something else. It's a selection of products which either mean something to Sali or reached an iconic status within the  beauty industry. I think it's brilliant. Best bit so far? Old Spice chapter. Sali doesn't waste her words, every single one matters. Together they somehow paint pretty vivid pictures of the many moments from her life.  


I'm always looking for something to rival Moroccanoil Treatment and this Aussie 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor offers a similar effect but for a fraction of the price. What I love the first one for is the silky finish without the grease that lasts. The latter one comes very close. Plus it's currently on offer in Boots for £6, 66. Go!


I've mentioned Charlotte's new space a while ago but I thought- let's do it again cause she's too kind (and confessed her love to me).  An October Round Up has gone live and I think I've found a new favourite read. What Have I Done This Time? I basically binge-read the whole thing in one sitting. 💕


@THEGUYLINER ON TWITTER  for having me in stitches daily.

THIS STUFF IS GOLDEN has clearly become one of my favourite blogs to read.

HOW TO MAKE SMALL TALK AT A PARTY Christmas staff night out is coming. I'm going to need this.


American Horror Story: Hotel Soundtrack

Now, what have you been up to?


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