Can't Keep Up with December


I wrote an introduction for this post but I've waited too long to publish it that now it's not very relevant anymore. I spoke more or less about how 1) My tree was up looking festive, 2) I was ill and 3) I bought Christmas cards. Fast forward 2 weeks and I've not really managed to do anything else.


Buying gifts can be tricky when you struggle to keep your cool whilst shopping among crowds of others. I though online was my alternative until I realised it's stressful on a different level. I would avoid ASOS for months. It's only been recently that I've somehow managed to find a way to cope (a list and one step as a time). Also, while we're on the subject of giving, has anyone been watching gift guides and find them as pointless as I do? Especially the ones featuring shaving accessories, headphones and vinyls? I've seen it all before. Just to be clear here, I love the idea of giving. The shopping part has always been too much for me to handle.


I finished watching AHS: Roanoke and having mixed feelings about this one. I appreciate the fact they were trying something different plus the acting is top notch as usual and somehow it didn't feel as compelling as the previous entries. Also, it's significantly shorter. Let me know what you thought of that one.


I mean, forget the Christmas jumpers, I need this.


Any fellow fans out there? It's been 10 years coming but it's finally here. And it's keeping me very distracted from festive preparations *flashback to the time when I had a gaming blog*.

ANYWAY, this week I have a work Christmas party to attend to and I actually know what I'm wearing a week ahead so no last minute madness this time around.

Also, I probably shouldn't be watching vlogmas. You know the feeling when everyone is doing all the amazing things pre-Christmas and wrapping gift on the 1st of December and you struggle with the simplest tasks? Yeah.

This post of all over the place but it's exactly how I've felt this week. I better go but before I do, please leave me a comment and tell me I'm not the only one feeling tired and overwhelmed.