In Defence of Instagram

I see many people rebelling against beautiful imagery being shared on Instagram, I also see many taking breaks from the platform going on a social media detox. Nothing wrong with taking breaks, we all might need them at different moments in life. But is the reasoning behind that detox right?

Now I'm aware the original purpose of social media was to share life but with the increasing number of beautiful scenarions on instagram a new issue arises. Do shiny images promote a distorted version of reality?

I know I let it bother me. I find myself feeling jealous scrolling through the many candid photograps, especially on a Monday morning seeing a girl with perfect hair waking up in a perfectly tidy bedroom under crispy white bed sheets holding a freshly made cuppa as opposed to me sulking over my own coffee not feeling up for getting ready. We all know what Mondays are like when your life isn't a neverending holiday. But don't we also know the picture might be and probably is heavily filtered and posed for? Why do we let it make us feel bad about ourselves and the life? Are we projecting our own insecurities and anxiety onto these people?

It's so easy to get caught in the madness but wouldn't we ourselves when given a choice rather go for a more flattering picture of us or just a better photo of anything else in general? Should we feel guilty for choosing to do that?

Personally I welcome both - raw and spontaneous snaps, and clean styled shots. I can differentiate between what's unedited and what's staged. I find both equally as inspiring and motivating.

What do you think? Does perfect Instagram feed bother you? Why?/Why not?


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