Weekly Chat #1

It's Saturday again and you all know what that means! Blog photos, cleaning, writing, pizza, pizza leftovers, endless cups of coffee, etc. This is how we do it at Stromvoe HQs.
Weekly Chats is something I would love to last and post preferably on Saturdays. My weekends are always all about reorganizing myself and reflecting on what has been done.

I've got a few new ideas for this site, weekly chats being one of them. I'm planning on getting in touch with local brands and fellow bloggers. I've never fully happy with the content, ideally I want Stromvoe to be fresh and new but still mainly about beauty. I swap and change the layout more often than I have my coffee, I'm that hard to please. All things considered, Stromvoe is still a work in progress and I have a funny feeling it'll remain like this for quite a while.

I ditched reds for my lips but betters, I've got no idea how this happened. Currently I'm really into that Rimmer lipstick I spoke about in my Nude Lip edit post. Also, I finally got my hands on the Simply Pure Hydrating Serum from Superdrug, the one Sali Hughes has been recommending. I believe it's still half priced. I'll writing about it and other bits and bobs I'm testing in more detail shortly. That serum though, grab it while you can.

I think my love for Topshop has been reignited once again. I stepped in there very briefly and what I saw wasn't half bad. Quite nice actually. There's a nice little skirt I might be getting, and a spring appropriate shirt. And I might be finally getting a pinafore, now when everybody's done with it.

I'm always on the hunt for new talent, I love a good blog. I stumbled upon this girl randomly on Twitter. No idea how I've not found her blog before- it's brill. She writes about fashion, beauty, lifestyle so well I've been on it non stop. If you're after great quality content you gotta checkMeticulouslyOrganisedChaos by Ebony Nash out. The girl's got style.

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