On Blogging (The Good, The Bad + I Still Struggle)


It's been one year and seven months since I decided I wanted to blog too. I didn't have any major goals or plans. I knew I liked beauty and clothes and I wanted to talk about those. Over the time I managed to buy my own domain and pick the right service for my needs. I spent more time taking photos, got myself an editing tool and realised further down the line how limited I have been time and weather wise. I also do have a day job. I researched and read copious amounts of blogging guides, religiously followed a number of accounts offering daily advice. I tweaked the layout more times than I should, transferred my blog from Wordpress to Squarespace and invested in a handmade branding logo. I tried planning and scheduling both blog and social media wise. It didn't work. 



Looking back I feel even less motivated than before. It feels like everybody has moved on and the consistency is a given. In other words if you're not giving your 100% you will always stay behind. Now that is not something I want. Even though I cannot fully commit, I care about my content and when I actually have time and strength to blog I always make sure I'm entirely happy with what I come up with before I hit publish. I know I could just quit but I care too much about what I created here. 


Writing about some of my personal struggles might have not solved anything but has definitely helped me feel a bit better knowing I'm not the only one. Lack of motivation and energy is a huge problem I've been trying to overcome. It has also made me consider writing about a bigger number of issues I have never openly spoken about. And that is also partially thanks to This Stuff Is Golden.
What else, I might be a sporadic blogger but I get inspired on a daily basis. I like a good photo, but I like an honest powerful writing even more, which brings me to the next point.


As if the lack of motivation wasn't enough, I find myself feeling overwhelmed constantly. I guess being exposed to a good (and frequent) content can do that. Beautiful imagery and meaningful articles make me inspired yes but also make me question myself and wonder if I actually have anything of value to add to the table or rival those who produce spot on content. Another thing that bothers me is the lack of interaction. I'm not ashamed to admit I care about what people think of what I blog about. I want to talk to them. It's one of the reasons I start drafting another post. Consequently, I do care about the traffic and numbers. I remember reading a piece of blogging advice once 'blog like noone's reading'- That is definitely not working for me.
There is so much to blogging I feel like I should be looking into and try and incorporate into mine. But with the little time I have I feel like it would shift my attention from the actual blogging. I struggle to plan and write as it is.