Life in July + August


Hello again. It is time for the summer round-up. I have to say it's been busy.

I am one of those lucky beings who get six weeks off work every summer. So in the beginning of July just before my birthday I boarded the ferry to Orkney for a short stay which  was all good. Then I spent the rest of the month packing and decluttering. The 1st of August was my moving day which meant goodbye city and hello countryside. (Not forever, I still have a job here). I  wished I could have skipped the packing/transition period as it's always highly stressful. Luckily it didn't take me too long to get used to the seaside town living. And I do not miss the convenience of having everything within a hand's reach like I thought I would.
Half way into August I was back in work and right now I am longing for warmer days and longer weekends. Oh well. At least there's 5 weeks left till the October break


Two weeks ago I teamed up with Trona, Rachael and Michelle. Together we talked about our favourite summer beauty products we couldn't be without. I've been thinking of including other bloggers' voices in a separate category and have got some ideas for the future. What else, I really enjoy content from Made From Beauty, Like Neon Love and Little Henry Lee. [Especially, 3 Blogging Trends That Aren’t For Me post]. Trona from Aye Lined wrote a highly useful guide to Pinterest I think everyone should have a closer look at.



Last month I managed to watch some amazing films that rival Call me by your Name (I know). First up, I saw L a d y  B i r d which I'm sorry but I think is one of the best movies I've seen in my life. Everything was spot on, the script, the tone, the topic, the performances. It made me laugh and cry. Next, I watched T h e  S h a p e  o f  W a t e r which was really beautiful and I did like it, just not as much as I thought I would have. Then, I have also seen Q u i e t  P l a c e, which was alright but I wouldn't really classify it as horror. Plus the weak ending left me asking for more. Finally, the movie that got me addicted was T h e
P h a n t o m  T h r e a d. It's definitely a slow burner in my case. It gets better with each watch. The performances from Daniel Day Lewis and Lesley Manville are ridiculously good, the writing is sharp as a knife and the beautiful score from Johnny Greenwood adds so much to the experience. It's a must watch.
TV wise, I am back on Friends marathon again [currently season 3]. Is anyone else thinking Monica + Richard were a better match than Chandler?
Also, Anne with an E is back with season 2 and I don't even care anymore about new story lines and the fact that not everything is just-like-in-the-book. It's so good!


Feeling very nostalgic when watching the show, I literally went into a bookstore last week and bought the first tree books from Anne of the Green Gables set. I first read it when I was about 12 and have been coming back to it time and time again. No kidding. It saddens me a bit that nobody seems to know about these stories these days.


What have you been all up to recently?