Life in May + June (and possibly July...)


Hello. I know it has been a long time since I last blogged but there’s a few good reasons for that. First of all, I moved flats, which was not all that stressful. In fact it was rather straightforward. The lead up to it on the other hand was not. Second of all, work was tough in a lot of ways, trying to balance out hobbies, day responsibilities, persona life and what not was even harder than before and I’ve never been good at that in the first place. And finally, I wasn’t feeling like creating anything. So I took a break and before I knew it we were half way into this year. How? Considering I had really high hopes for this year, felt pretty damn motivated and ready to achieve things back in January, it’s a bit disappointing I’m back to square one.
Anyway, I thought a good way to ease myself back in would be a catch up post. I used to do these round up monthly entries quite regularly and I kind of miss that …


My new place is wonderful. For the first time I moved into an unfurnished space and I’m loving it. It feels like a proper fresh start and I’m not even too bothered about the fact that I have very little in it … I’m taking my time when it comes to decorating. It’s way out of the city which surprisingly has not been an issue despite my previous claims. (I’m a city person at heart)


It’s been a very long time since I spoke about my recent favourites (and not so favourite films and shows). And there’s been a lot I delved into these past few months. Let’s start with the not so great ones. I saw Vice. I had high hopes and expectations for this one and I did like it but I don’t think I had enough background knowledge to fully appreciate it (same goes for Roma). Nevertheless, the performances in it are top notch without a doubt. Boy Erased was good but could have been more. Then I’ve managed to see Green Book and that has got to be the biggest disappointment of them all. Despite a great chemistry between the two leads, the conversations about race and homophobia should have been better. What else, both At Eternity’s Gate and Boy Erased were alright but didn’t fully satisfy me. And I wasn’t too keen on Mary the Queen of Scots either. Now onto the ones I did end up loving … I was pretty late to the A Star is Born party and it was definitely worth it, then I saw Bohemian Rhapsody and liked it even more despite its flaws. I was also totally surprised by The Favourite. Pleasantly might I add. Oh and I thought the remake of Suspiria was very very good. There also is a couple I found very underrated- Beautiful Boy and First Man. I ended up watching the latter a few times and I genuinely think it’s great. The most recent and the one that moved me the most though has got to be Us. It’s brilliant.


This month was all about Stranger Things 3 and it delivered so well on so many levels. Here’s to many more please. Sometime last spring I started watching Chambers and The OA and for one reason on another both didn’t really do much for me. Same goes for Dead To Me, except I actually ended up finishing it.


Anne with an E [S3]
You [S2]
American Horror Story: 1984


I spent the first week of my holidays in Orkney which was as good as always expect the weather. It wasn’t much of a loss though when I came back home as the temperatures have been reaching ridiculous heights in the whole of the country. I ended up spending the most of my free time on the beach and local gardens with layers of sun block on planning what to do next with the rest of my time off and trying to catch up on all the books and mags that have been piling up on my coffee table. What else, I’ve got a wee trip to Gdank [Poland] coming up next week so that should be exciting.

HASHTAG #slowandkalm

I’ve decided to start a new hashtag for all things calm and pretty, and to motivate myself to use my camera more as that part of my life has been neglected a lot these past few months. [Watch this space please]


[as always] Let me know what you think! x