Life in October


Hello. It is nearly the end of the month somehow. Frankly I am quite happy with that, the closer the Christmas the better and the sooner Halloween is over … the better too. (Sorry, I’m not too fond)
October was an okay month. I had two weeks off work somewhere in between and consequently a lot of time to think and plan for this space. I am thinking lots of things at the moment. But more about that later.

Right so today is 3 November and you are right this post didn’t get published in time. I’m always taking forever with these monthly round-ups but it’s still something I love to do and I always enjoy reading others’. So here we go. (Brb, need another cuppa)



Earlier in October I went to Edinburgh for two day and I will be coming back later this month. Right now I am searching for guides and best places to go to. Please leave a comment with your suggestion. Is the cat cafe worth it? Cause I almost went there last time but ran out of time in the end. I’ve done the Castle (of course) and the Royal Botanic Garden. Oh I have entered their photography competition so that should be exciting.
What else, I am desperately trying to get back to my old gym routine but it’s not easy. I did try a new class (full body workout) and loved it. I just need to make more effort to convince myself it’s good for me.


Here we go, my favourite category. As you know, I am obsessed with films and recently TV shows too. This month though I haven’t seen that many so hopefully this will change this month. I did however manage to finally see Hereditary and I still can’t make up my mind how I feel about it. On one hand you have this utterly terrifying tale with brilliant performances. And yet for some reason something doesn’t seem to be working for me. The more I think about it the more it appears to be due to a combination of the uneven pacing, the unnecessary plot exposition and generally choosing shock over genuine scares especially in the second part of the movie.
As far as TV show go I finished watching the Netflix’s original The Haunting of Hill House and loved it even though it left me feeling unsettled for days after the credits. I also am head over heels with the new season of American Horror Story. Apocalypse is ticking all the boxes for me. It definitely is up there with Hotel and Asylum.


I really enjoy reading blogs like Daisybutter, Little Henry Lee, Like Neon Love. I seem to be mentioning these regularly but I genuinely find their content inspiring which encourages me to keep going with mine. Hence I have looked closely at blogging resources and coaching. Because let’s be honest. I’m in a serious need of direction. There is a lot to choose from. I honestly think Blog & Beyond is full of all the good stuff. I’m still trying to find time to have a proper look and start at the beginning. Also Vix has come up with lots of helpful tools that I am looking at right now.


Yes or No?


Let me know how October was for you!